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Higher Education in Uganda

Public, private, religious and secular universities in Uganda

In Uganda (East Africa), between 60,000 and 70,000 students leave secondary school each year to access higher education, but only 35% of them (25,000 maximum) can access higher education in the few institutions of higher education.

Makerere University in Kampala is the largest university in Uganda.

Public Ugandan Universities

  1. Busitema University
  2. University of Gulu
  3. Kabale University
  4. Kyambogo University
  5. Makerere University
    1. 1922: creation of the Technical Institute of Makerere
  6. University of Science and Technology of Mbarara
  7. Muni University
  8. Soroti University

Religious Universities

  1. African Biblical University
  2. University of All Saints
  3. Ankole Western University
  4. Bishop Stuart University
  5. Bugema University
  6. Busoga University
  7. Islamic University in Uganda
  8. Kumi University
  9. Livingstone International University
  10. Christian University Ndejje
  11. Christian University of Uganda
  12. University of the Martyrs of Uganda
  13. Uganda Pentecostal University

Private Lay Universities

  1. African Rural University
  2. Busoga University
  3. Cavendish University Uganda
  4. International University of Health Sciences
  5. International University of East Africa
  6. Kabale University
  7. Kayiwa University
  8. University of Kampala
  9. International University of Kampala
  10. University of the Mountains of the Moon
  11. Real Muteesa University I
  12. Nkumba University
  13. Open University
  14. St. Augustine International University
  15. St. Lawrence University
  16. University of Technology and Management of Uganda
  17. University of Victoria

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