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Arusha is the capital of the Arusha region of Tanzania (East Africa).

  1. Population of Arusha: 0,4 million people
  2. Main economic activity in Arusha: services (tourism)
    1. Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park
  3. Headquarters of the East African Community (EAC)
  4. Main industries in Arusha: breweries, tire manufacturing and agro forestry processing.
  5. Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant
  6. Main agri-food products: coffee and cotton

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Tanzanian Students from Arusha (Doctorate, Master)

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East African Community (EAC, e-Master)

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  1. Arusha is located in the north-east of Tanzania under the Mount Meru in the eastern end of the Great Rift Valley.
  2. Main religions: Christianity and Islam
  3. Climate: tempered
  4. Altitude: 1,400 metres
  5. 1994 - 2015: International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Arusha)
  6. Olduvai Gorge (History of Tanzania)

Transport and Logistics in Arusha - Tanzania

Road transport in Tanzania (Source: OECD)

  1. Access to the Port of Dar es Salaam
  2. Tanga (Tanzania) - Port of Mombasa (Kenya) Railway
  3. Kilimanjaro International Airport
  4. Central Corridor

Logistics Course: Port of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Tanzanian Region: Arusha
  1. Capital of the Arusha region: Arusha
  2. Population of the Arusha region: 1,7 million people
  3. Districts of the Arusha region: Ngorongoro, Monduli, Karatu, Arumeru and Arusha
  4. Largest cities of the Arusha region: Monduli, Namanga, Longido and Loliondo
  5. Contiguous regions: Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Singida, Mara and Simiyu
  6. Borders with Kajiado County and with Narok County in Kenya

Higher Education in Arusha - Tanzania

  1. Tumaini Makumira University
  2. Mount Meru University
  3. University of Arusha
  4. Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology

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