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Minata Koné: businesswoman of Burkina

Minata Koné: a success story of African women entrepreneurship (Burkina Faso)

Foreign Trade and Business in Burkina Faso The Society for Industrial Transformation of Cashew (SOTRIA-B) was created by Mrs. Minata Kona (PDG) in Banfora (Burkina Faso, West Africa)

  1. The main activity of the Society for Industrial Transformation of Cashew is the cashew nut treatment
  2. Production capacity (cashew nut): 2 tons per day
  3. The company has 2,000 workers, about 90% are African women from poor environments

Minata Koné: businesswoman of Burkina Faso
Source: Ecodufaso

  1. Minata Kona is married and is mother of two children
  2. Training: documentalist
  3. Minata Kona's mother offered her land in 1992 so that she could plant cashew nut.
  4. She left her job at the Ministry of Agriculture of Burkina Faso, to create in 2003 (in association with a European group) the Society for Industrial Transformation of Cashew in Banfora (Cascades region)
  5. In 2006, the company started its activities.
  6. SOTRIA-B was the first private Burkina Faso company with a totally Burkinabe capital of the cashew nut processing sector
  7. The Society for Industrial Transformation of Cashew has a strategic agreement with an American company for the exclusive distribution of its products in the United States.

Social responsibility of Mrs. Minata Koné:

  1. Nursing for their employees and families
  2. Literacy centre
  3. Supply of school supplies

Minata Koné received the Medal of the National Order of Burkina for her contribution to the Burkinabe socio-economic development.

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