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Maseru (red sandstone in Sesotho) is the administrative, economic and commercial capital of Lesotho (Southern Africa)

  1. Population of Maseru: 254,000 inhabitants
    1. Maseru is the largest Mosotho city
    2. 1966: 28,000 inhabitants
    3. 1986: 110,000 inhabitants
  2. Access to the Port of Durban (South Africa)
    1. Distance Maseru-Durban: 552 kilometres
  3. Maseru is on the Caledon River, on the border between Lesotho and South Africa (Ladybrand), in north-western Lesotho
    1. Border crossing on the Maseru bridge
    2. South African N8 Route: border crossing on the Maseru bridge towards Ladybrand and Bloemfontein
  4. Railway: Maseru - Marseille (South African main line Bloemfontein-Bethleem).
  5. Moshoeshoe I International Airport
  6. Carpets and candles production

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  1. Altitude of Maseru: 1,600 metres
  2. Climate of Maseru: subtropical highlands
  3. 1869: foundation of Maseru (British Protectorate)
  4. Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories of Maseru
  5. District: Maseru (capital)
    1. 430,000 inhabitants

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Higher Education in Maseru - Lesotho

  1. National University of Lesotho
  2. Campus of the Limkokwing University (Maseru)

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