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Exhibitions of African Tribal Art (Jesús Arjona Muñoz)

Jesús Arjona Muñoz, a young man of 22 years old with residence in Tarragona (Spain). In 2017 he graduated from the Rovira and Virgili University (Bachelor of Science in History) and is currently studying the Master of Cultural Management at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

Jesús Arjona Muñoz (African Art, Lobi, Burkina)

  1. Art exhibition “The Lobi. The complexity behind simplicity”
  2. African Art Exhibition “The Animal, A Sacred Symbol”
  3. Exhibition “Art without an Author. The Richness of African Tribal Art”

Jesús Arjona

Igbo Mask (Nigeria):
Igbo Mask (Nigeria)

His history within the world of African tribal art began at age 9, and to this day he has achieved a collection of more than 250 works. His collection grew exponentially, but it was not until the age of 18 that he began to dedicate himself professionally, entering auctions, addressing other collectors and art merchants becoming a link between them and defining their interests, which focused on West Africa.

Salampasu (DR of the Congo)
Salampasu (DR of the Congo)

Jesús Arjona Muñoz has participated in different exhibitions as a collaborator, all carried out at the Synachy's Touch art gallery in Tarragona:

  1. African art exhibition” (May-June 2015)
  2. Lobi Culture Exhibition” (March-April 2016)
  3. The African woman: mother and goddess” (November-January 2016/17).

Bateba Bambar
Bateba Bambar (Lobi Art, Burkina Faso)

As a final year project of the Bachelor of Science, in 2017, he made his first exhibition as a curator in Tinglado 1 of the Port of Tarragona entitled “Art without an author. The wealth of tribal art “(May 11 to June 18, 2017), which had the highest possible rating and great reception in the city. After this exhibition, he has been invited to give talks on African art in various schools, at the Rovira and Virgili University and summer camps.

Ada (Togo, Ghana)
Ada (Togo, Ghana)

For many years he has worked and continues to work as a tennis coach, a fact that has allowed him to make his collection.

Currently, he combines his studies in cultural management and languages, his work as a coach and temporary exhibitions, waiting for the opportunity to enter the labour world of cultural management, seeing his collection grow little by little and promoting the realisation of events and exhibitions around African tribal art.

EENI Global Business School has signed a cooperation agreement with Jesús Arjona Muñoz to promote African and Burkinabe art throughout the world.

The EENI Commitment to the African Development

One of the pillars of our commitment is collaboration in the worldwide dissemination of African and Burkinabe culture.

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