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Erik Bruzzone, Chile (EENI Professor)

Erik Bruzzone, Chile (professor at EENI Global Business School)

Erik Bruzzone EENI Global Business School Professor (Chile, South America)

Erik Bruzzone, Chile (Professor, EENI Business School)

Education (Erik Bruzzone):

  1. Doctorate in Business Administration (Scotland). Since 2015
    1. Currently studying the compulsory courses on Introduction to Business Research.
    2. Research proposal to be based on the importance of social media on development of Western sports in China.
  2. Master in Sports Management. Institute of Business (Instituto de Empresa, Spain). 2012
    1. The Sports programme offers students the skills, abilities and network that are necessary in order to gain competitive advantage in the sports industry and be able to excel in any position in the sports and sports related industries.
  3. LLM Master of Science in International Business Law. National University of Singapore. 2008
    1. East China University of Political Science and Law. 2007
  4. Bachelor of Expert in Spanish Law. University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain). 2008
    1. Intensive formation of Spanish and European Law
    2. Spanish Government Scholarship.
  5. Degree in International Business Law. Complutense University (Spain). 2004
    1. Spanish Government Scholarship.
  6. University of Guayaquil Superior Institute of Criminology and Criminal Sciences
    1. Specialist on Criminology and Criminal Sciences
  7. LLB Bachelor of Law. Catholic University of Guayaquil (Ecuador).
    1. Distinguished for academic achievements.

Lecturer (Erik Bruzzone):

  1. Lyon Shanghai. April 2010 - Present
    1. MSC in Sports Industry Management - Sports Marketing and Consumer Behavior in China
    2. Course on the main trends of sports marketing in China, as well as the different tools used to promote sports brands and events to the Chinese sports consumer.
  2. Digital Marketing and E-Commerce in China
    1. Course on native Chinese social media and e-commerce tools, with a special focus on how Western companies use them. Case studies on sports and luxury brands.
  3. Corporate Risk Management in Doing Business In China
    1. Course on approaching common legal problems in China using case studies.
  4. Offshore Platforms for Foreign Investment In China
    1. Course on doing business in China via Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the Free Trade Zone.

Experience (Erik Bruzzone):

  1. Professor. Shanghai EMLYON School of Business (China). Since 2010.
  2. Professor Catholic University of Guayaquil (Ecuador). 2001-2005.
  3. Adviser. Chamber of Industry of Guayaquil (Ecuador). 2004-2005.
  4. Legal Department. Favorita Fruit Company, is the second largest worldwide banana producer and exporter (Ecuador)

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